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Founded in 2003 New Market Group is a diverse company that provides the following services:

Marketing Consulting

Direct marketing – marketing that is laser targeted and crafted to reach a specific audience of people – is what most business owners need to be using. However, most small business owners copy large Fortune 500 companies and do “image based” or “brand building” advertising that, while sometimes effective, does not yield nearly the return on investment that proper direct marketing yields.

Many business owners do not realize the power that proper marketing can have in a business. Huge gains on a business owners return on investment can be achieved by proper targeting, utilizing the correct media, and crafting the right message.

New Market Group specializes in consulting for website conversion, direct mail projects, and other marketing messages in various forms of media.

Website Design and Conversion

There are a several reasons to have a website.  The first is to impress and generate credibility for your company and the second is to be used as a sales tool.

We believe in utilizing both reasons listed above. A proper website will educate prospects and will help facilitate a prospect into making a buying decision. The education of your products and services, and most importantly, that differentiates you in a quantifiable difference is our goal when designing a website.

Search Engine Optimization

The prettiest and most functional website only ends up as a expensive business card if your prospects do not find it. There are several ways for your website to be found, and one way is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of getting your website to show up in the Organic Listings of Google and other Search engines. The difference between the organic listings and the paid listings is when someone clicks on your website in the organic listings, you do not pay per click. This does not mean getting ranked in the organic listings is free or does not require resources — just that, as opposed to paying per click, (such as Google Adwords) each time someone clicks on your website you are not charged a fee.

Lead Generation

New Market Group provides high quality leads to qualified businesses.  Our lead generation services is unique, as opposed to many companies out there.  Depending on the situation each lead we generate is an incoming phone call that is recorded to prove that we have generated the lead.  This phone recording allows us to perform quality control on our lead generation, allows you to obtain higher closing rates with your staff, and allows for proper billing.

Businesses who are interested in lead generation must qualify for the opportunity to participate in our lead generation program.

Ghost Blogging

There is one ultimate reason, outside of a hobby, to have a blog.

1) To generate credibility in your industry which therefore provides high quality selling opportunities.

But just blogging about whatever is not the solution. Blogging must target the appropriate keywords in your industry for you to be successful.  Blogging can generate a lot of traffic to your website if done correctly.  Roughly half of search engine keywords typed into the search engines, according to Google, are phrases or questions, not just short keywords.

If you are in need of any of the services above, or are thinking about them, go here and fill out the form.  We want to be upfront and explain that not all clients are a fit for our marketing services.  There are several reasons for this.  Quite simply, some companies are not in a position that we can help them—and we prefer to be honest and not just take the money of someone who is in a situation that we cannot help.  Secondly,  if we do work with clients we get quantifiable results.  To achieve these results we must work with clients who are willing to implement our systems and strategies.  We have many references and individuals who can vouch for the increase in profits their businesses have reaped.

Contact us here today if you are interested.